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PostSubject: NEW SERVER !   Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:39 pm





XP: x20
SP: x25
Drop: x15 ( no commons )
Spoil: x20
Adena: x30
Quest Drop: x7
Quest Reward: x4
Raid Boss drop: x5
Grand Boss drop: x5
Manor: x2
Rate Extract Fish: x2


Full NPC Buffer:
All buffs PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SS,Cats!

GM Shop:
Up to B Weapons, armors, Jewels
Shots, Consumables
Potions, Quest items for Clan level
Pets, accsesoars etc etc etc...

Skill Enchanter:
Support Enchant skill form all character class

Global GK:
Support Enchant skill form all character class

Custom Mammon's in Giran town and use all function from original mammon's.{New} All unseal and special ability for Dynasty,Icarus work 100%.

Coin Manager:
Can use this npc for Delevel,Remove Clan Wait,Recive Clan Point,Recive Recommend and Reset Karma.

Class Master:
Not for FREE ! [1 class transfer - Cost: 100,000 Adena.][2 class transfer - Cost: 1,000,000 Adena.][3 class transfer - Cost: 10,000,000 Adena 5,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant,s Codex.]

Server Events Information:
Auto Event:
[Team vs Team - every 2 hours.Registration in Giran.Reward: 5 Festival Adena.][Crash Base - every 8 hours. Registration in Goddard.Reward:15 Festival Adena and 25 Coin of Luck.]

Passive Event:
Trick or Transmutation and Master Yogi Enchanting

From all Mobs:
Mantra[Fire,Water,Wind] , Event Medal, Alchemist keys.

GM Events:
Tournament , Vote Event , Mobs Event , Dice Event , Hide and Seek and many more...

Grand Olympiad Games Information:
Games open 18:00 to 00:00 hours for play.Olympiad calculation every week. Olympiad battle winner reward for class and non-class games.

More Information:
Sub class without quest max 3 , Sub class max level 85 , Clan war reward 50 point , All talisman work , All caste/clan hall work , Quest for S80 Dynasty Weapon/Armor from Isle of Prayer or Hellbound Work , All Kamaloka instaces work , Emerald Steam instance work , Tower of Naia instance work , Dark Cloud Mansion instance work , Hellbound mobs work , 81 level skills work , 83 level skills work , Auto lern skills , All epic Grand Boss work , Fixed many Raid Boss - Dranael , Kechi , Tears , Baylor , Darion , Epidos , Beleth , Typhoon and many more ...

Official Start of x20... 15.12.09 !
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